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2019-2020 Smarter Balanced Assessments Procedures /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2019-20-SBA-GUIDELINES-PROCEDURES.docx
HSAP Test Administrator Training PowerPoint (Part 1) /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2019-20-Test-Administrator-Training-Hawaii-Part-1.pptx
HSAP Test Administrator Training PowerPoint (Part 2) /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2019-20-Test-Administrator-Training-Hawaii-Part-2.pptx
Test Sessions ID Log /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/SBA-Session-ID-Log.docx
2019-2020 Testing Incident Report Form /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2019-2020-Testing-Incident-Report-Form.pdf

These materials are available for schools to provide customized Test Administrator (TA) trainings at their schools in preparation for and administration of Smarter Balanced testing. These materials can be adjusted to adhere to your school's policies and procedures so long as they are consistent with the 2019-2020 Smarter Balanced Test Administration Manual (TAM).