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AIRWays Reporting System User Guide 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/AIRWays_ProductGuide_2018-2019.pdf
Updated January 14, 2020

This user guide supports users of the AIRWays Reporting System. AIRWays is a component of the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments that allows authorized users to view and score individual student responses on both the Interim Comprehensive Assessments and the Interim Assessment Blocks.

Online Reporting System User Guide 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/ORS_User_Guide_2018-2019.pdf
Updated April 16, 2019

This user guide provides instructions on how to generate reports with student score information.

Sample Family Report 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/HI-Smarter-Balanced_Sample-Family_Reports_ELA-Math_2017-2018.pdf

This sample score report shows a student’s best performance on the Smarter Balanced Assessments for English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy and Mathematics. It also shows whether a student has reached proficiency in the different areas of ELA and math, and suggests how the family can help him or her improve in these areas.

Smarter Balanced Family Report Interpretive Guide 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2017-2018-HI-Smarter-Balanced-Family-Report-Interpretive-Guide.pdf
Smarter Balanced Family Report Cover Letter 2017–2018 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2017-2018-SBA_Family-Report_Sample-Parent-Cover-Letter.docx

This Interpretive Guide is intended to help parents and educators understand how to read and find information contained in the family report. The cover letter is a document schools can print and send to parents along with the family report.