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The Assessment Considerations document provides assessment guidance for the spring 2021 Hawaii Statewide Assessment Program, addressing the implications of different reopening scenarios while maintaining standardized administration to obtain valid and reliable student data.
The Suggested Guidelines for In-person Test Administration document offers information and suggestions to test coordinators and other school-level staff as guidance to ensure the successful administration of the statewide summative assessments that are part of the Hawaii Statewide Assessment Program in spring 2021.
Parent Letter Template for In-Person Test Administration /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/Parent-Letter-Template_In-person-Test-Administration-2.docx
The Parent Letter Template for In-person Test Administration document is a letter or email message template for schools to provide parents who have students taking Smarter Balanced and HSA Science Assessments in-person. 
FAQs Template for School-level Staff /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/FAQs-Template-for-School-level-Staff-1.docx
The FAQs Template for School-level Staff is for test coordinators to use as a base for an “FAQs for In-Person Test Administration during a Pandemic“ document that is specific to a school and shared with school-level staff members.
FAQs: Summative Assessment Spring 2021 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/FAQs-Summative-Assessments-Spring-2021.pdf
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers are provided to clarify concerns and expectations for the Spring 2021 administration of statewide summative assessments. 
Sample Spring 2021 Testing Schedule: Elementary Schools /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/Elementary-School-Sp21-Sample-Testing-Schedule.xlsx
Sample Spring 2021 Testing Schedule: Middle Schools /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/Middle-School-Sp21-Sample-Testing-Schedule.docx
These documents are provided as examples for school testing staff to create a school testing schedule for spring 2021.
Adjustments to Smarter Balanced Test Directions 2020-2021 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/2020-2021-Adjustments-to-Smarter-Test-Directions.pdf
This document is a supplement to the Smarter Balanced Summative Test Administration Manual and provides schools with information on adjustments that should be made to the Smarter Balanced test directions when the number of test sessions will be limited for students.