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Checkpoint User Guide 2020-2021 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/Checkpoint_User_Guide_2020-2021.pdf
Updated April 08, 2021
This user guide supports users of the Checkpoint system and provide instructions on how to build tests using Checkpoint items and publish Checkpoint tests to TDS for administration to students.
Checkpoint Training Module 2020-2021 /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/Authoring_Full_Training_Module_2020-2021.pptx
Checkpoint Mini-Module: How to Publish Tests in Checkpoint /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/How-to-Publish-Tests-in-Checkpoint_Mini-Module_2020-2021-2.pptx
Checkpoint Mini-Module: How to Start A Teacher-Authored Test Session in TDS /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/How-to-Start-a-Teacher-Authored-Test-Session-in-TDS_Mini-Module_2020-2021-1.pptx
Checkpoint Mini-Module: How Tests Created in Checkpoint Are Reported /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/How-Tests-Created-in-Checkpoint-Are-Reported_Mini-Module_2020-2021-2.pptx
Checkpoint Mini-Module: How to Add Checkpoint Users to Review Groups /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/How-to-Add-Checkpoint-Users-to-Review-Groups_2020-21.pptx
Checkpoint Mini-Module: How to Align Items to Standards and Set Up Item Properties /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/How-to-Align-Items-to-Standards_2020-21.pptx
Checkpoint Mini-Module: How to Write an Item in Checkpoint /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/How-to-Write-an-Item-in-Checkpoint_2020-21.pptx

The main training module includes key features of the Checkpoint system.

The mini-modules address particular tasks a user might want to accomplish in Checkpoint, and they are listed by task.

This webinar was held on October 26, 2020 and provided information about accessing the Checkpoint NGSS item bank to build and deliver teacher-authored NGSS quizzes and tests for students. The resource links at left will direct users to the Powerpoint presentation used during the webinar, and an MP4 video stream of the recorded presentation.
This webinar was held on February 4, 2021 and provided information about the Checkpoint system including how to create a test, how to publish and share a test, how to administer a test in TDS, and how to find your test results. The resource links at left will direct users to the PowerPoint presentation used during the webinar and an MP4 video stream of the recorded webinar.
Quick Guide to Sharing in Checkpoint /core/fileparse.php/3410/urlt/Quick_Guide_to_Sharing_in_Checkpoint_2020-2021.pdf
This quick guide provides a brief overview of who can share items and tests with different user roles and workgroups in Checkpoint.